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54 People Killed In Two Attacks In Northern Nigeria By Boko Haram || Nigeria vs Scotland Match Investigated By Police Over Match-Fixing Claims ||
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Top Stories in Columns & Blogs

In the hands of the Nigeria police by Fredrick Nwabufo Mon Feb, 03 2014
It was sweepingly wet evening at Adebayo road in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State. The rain had pulled dark clouds down in torrents of piercing water. It was customary of the rain to be violent at this time of year. It was April 15, 2009.
The Many ills of Zoning Sun Feb, 02 2014
A zone is defined as “an area or stretch of land having a particular characteristic, purpose, or use, or subject to particular restrictions.” By implication, zoning means rotation of political power between zones. It refers to intra-zone shift of power as between say Delta North senatorial zone and Delta South Senatorial zone on the state level.
Shades of the Government’s Insensitivity Wed Nov, 13 2013
Social contract is an umbilical cord which tethers the conscience of a government to the vulnerabilities and necessities of a people. Graphically, the conscience of a government is assessed by its high or low sensitivity threshold; sensitivity in the ambit responding graciously to the paramount necessities of ordinary people in quotidian existence, and quarrying to gravel their mountainous burdens.
Though it has remained convenient for people in government particularly the Amnesty Office of the Presidency to continue to insist that the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) is only a “cyber tiger,” the escalating activities (attacks) of the militant group points in an opposite direction from where the government people want us to look.
Jonathan Throws Nigerians In A State Of Confusion! Mon Nov, 04 2013
Nothing best symbolizes the confused state of mind of the average Nigerian today than the general perception of President Jonathan’s unexpected call for a National Conference. When Jonathan flagged off his presidency in acting capacity in 2010, he started on the wrong footing. Disillusioned by the poor performance of the national soccer team at the 2010 World Cup competition held in South Africa, he disbanded the Eagles without much ado suspending international soccer outings for 24 months. But
Stella Oduah's Indiscretion Spawns Vitriolic Ethnic Exchanges Tue Oct, 29 2013
The raging kerfuffle precipitated by the indiscretion of the Minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah in the purchase of two BMW armoured cars of which worth is put at a squinting 255 million naira as pellucidly revealed the canyon of divergences of Nigerians as regards their thinking, biases, dispositions, views and opinions on tenuous issues of national reckoning .
Decolonizing Ngungi wa Thiong’o’s Mentality Thu Sep, 26 2013
Like Sir Mick “Phillip” Jagger of the of the Rolling Stones, Professor Ngugi wa Thiong’o of the African Writers Series fame packs halls with nostalgic baby boomers and curious millennials.
How Jega made Me President Fri Sep, 20 2013
I always knew this was going to happen. It has been prophesized by our local prophet that I was destined to be a leader of men. My pet name when I was growing up was “president”. I saw the opportunity clearly and I decided to go for it. The agenda clearly is to become Nigeria’s President within one week. I carefully plotted for this and then I went for the kill. The joy is really never in the hunt but in the loot that will follow the kill.
Why FG Want ASUU Strike To Continue  Fri Sep, 20 2013
Nigerian universities have been buffeted with agonising months of strikes for over a decade and until now, the story is pretty much the same. Government is still unwilling to give the education sector a shot in the arm.
Oshiomole: Triumph Of The Comrade Sat Aug, 31 2013
In Nigeria’s contemporary election history, the challenge has been whether the election of candidates can proceed from bottom to the top instead of the other way round. Democracy by its traditional definition envisages a situation where the people freely chose a leader from one of them to superintend their interest over a period of time.
Peace With The Beast? Say Mun Kawo Karshensu Thu Jul, 11 2013
Lawrence Anini was a bandit who terrorized Benin City in the 80s along with his second in command, Monday Osunbor. His band of terrorists began robbing busses, banks and stealing cars.
The Dangers of President Jonathan’s Desperation Thu May, 02 2013
The body language of President Jonathan these days betrays everything but ease. It betrays defiance. Not often do we see the lips of this rather innocent and calm looking middle-aged man drawn tightly together and pointed, the wrinkles around the eyes drawn loosely upwards with the forehead pointedly squeezed to produce the unbefitting stern looks of a defiant rebel.
Run, Jonathan Run For 2015!  Tue Mar, 12 2013
The pesky ambition of President Goodluck Jonathan to seek a second term in office was given the green light by an Abuja High Court ruling. Though he has remained coy – a loud silence to me – on his ambition to seek re-election, his body language, actions and inactions have suggested he is set to run for a second term. He seem to be fully persuaded for 2015 by the trappings of Aso Rock, the lure of power, fame, a horde of sycophants and hangers-on whose only interest is another four years of the
Gender Equality Is Essential Across All MDGs Mon Mar, 04 2013
A national level consultation on "Reducing Gender Inequalities: A Possible Framework for Post 2015" was recently held at Nawabganj, Unnao. Organized by the National Mission for Empowerment of Women (NMEW), Government of India, and supported by the UN Women South Asia, it was hosted by the Centre for Advocacy and Research and brought together leading civil society groups, think tank bodies and academicians to deliberate on the strengths and weakness of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs); t
Light At The End Of The Power Tunnel Sun Mar, 03 2013
The Goodluck Jonathan Administration has just gained significant confidence of the power sector investment community with the signing of a range of industry and transaction agreements that pave way for successful generation and distribution companies to take control of the new corporate entities unbundled from the PHCN.

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